Our Team

Rohit Anand


Masters in International marketing, University of Exeter, UK

Making his dream into reality

Juggles many hats from designing to marketing to photography and PR

believes in not design for looks but for functionality, loves minimal and tires to leave touch points of heritage, minimalism and functionality in each design.

Nitika Anand

Co - founder

She’s the brain, spirit and the soul of the brand.

Takes care of the finance, strategy, PR and collaborations

Takes care of the finance, strategy, PR and collaborations


Marketing & PR

This happy dude is the link between the online and offline, he makes sure all the products are crafted, made and delivered the way customers have requested us to. Replies to emails, custom orders , customer services etc.

Lakshay is a fitness enthusiast , a lively person and a true gentleman,


Master craftsman

Don’t let his age fool you, he is a craft Ninja, throw a design at him and see him slaying with the precision and the detailing.

His quality to the craft, dedication towards quality and understanding of designs is unbeatable. BUT DON’T BE AMUSED BY HIS TALENTS, HE SPENT 1.5 DECADES REFINING HIS ART AND WORKED ON VARIOUS FORMS OF LEATHER, DESIGNS AND CRAFT STYLES OVER THE YEARS.


Senior craftsman

A biker, adventurer and an artisan, a rare combination in deed. Shakir with the talents of a widget and a heart of gold will always go an extra mile for his team, customers and even total strangers at times.

He is a pro craftsman and crafts the toughest of the designs where most of others will give up. He loves challenges, and is a reliable person.


Senior Artisan

Sajid a dedicated and sincere yet with a witty personality. His cheesy , happy personality keeps a warmth and a relaxed environment at the workshop.

His speed and precision for his craft is like none other.



Ok, Do not be fooled by his appearance , he is a craft beast. The coolest artisan you’ll ever met and the most humble and polite too.

He is been working leather crafting since he was of a very young age. His father and his father was into crafting leather goods as well so its safe to say its in his DNA to craft the goods to perfection.



The most recent artisan to join the league , Anjar is an experienced artisan with experience in many export houses and brands. His understanding of the product and his nature to adbot to environs is astonishing.


Logistic Head

Vikram, the youngest, most dynamic and fun loving team mate we have.

He maintains a tedious task of managing logistics, labelling, managing returns, client shipping requests, delays and RTOs.

Despite of the day to day hassles and workload he is up of a great chat all the time and somehow always have the funniest of jokes and stories to tell.