Rustic and Enthralling. Born from the very spirit of an adventurer.

A boy from the himalyas. an explorer

It all started with a young Himalayan explorer-a boy who traversed the wilds of nature and took pleasure in building himself as a connoisseur of sturdy quality goods from the forest rubbles.

Childhood spent in curating the best materials from the depths of wilds.

This passion continues to reflect very much in the materials we source for Beastcraft- a brand that is eponymous in delivering highly durable leather goods.

Captured by the beauty of nature, he wanted to preserve it.

Born and brought up in the mountains, the very sight of plastics & synthetic packaging dirt clogging the beauty of terrains disturbed him deeply, propelling us to design and minimize their use while crafting our very own products.

Explored the world as a youth, stumbled upon an auction of old military bags.

On his journey to London for further education, our founder- the ‘young’ adventurer stumbled upon an auction where he instantly found himself lost in the old charm of vintage military bags & goods of World War I & II- standing strong against the predicament of time.

Fell in love with the functional vintage & the rugged.

Crafted from thick leather, layered wax and brass details; these classy beasts enraptured his attention- they were minimal, functional and highly durable- a real deal than just being the byproduct of fluctuating trends.

Crafted his own Classic Pieces

He couldn't afford these expensive heavy-duty classics as a student and finding a natural alternative just as the original was nearly difficult.
Which led to the very inception of Beast-craft, the Young Himalayan Explorer invented his own piece

Took his passion into full time buisness and Beastcraft was born.

He had found his calling in this, setting afoot from the family business and venturing to implement his idea- working closely with a team of talented artisans, catering his love of handcrafted rustics to thousands more globally.

The knack for designing, marketing, photography to PR plus the undying love for nature eventually helped me build a strong base for Beastcraft. Designed to be both functional and good-looking, I solely wanted to deliver to our patrons a companion that will be on endless adventures with them.

- Rohit Anand