Our Leather

We use the most premium top grain vegetable tanned leather. The leather is tanned only using natural pigments extracted from tree barks and plants extracts hence making it a very environment friendly leather.  The tanning chemicals in this leather are 100% decomposable and do not harm the environment.

This process takes almost 3 times more time in tanning then regular chemically treated leather but the difference is remarkable in terms of quality and durability of leather.
The leather is usually thick and strong and ages very well and develops a beautiful patina with usage over the years.  The bags made of veg tanned leather stays for decades and truly age well in every sense.
We use a variety of veg tanned leathers from beautiful oil pull up leathers which give vintage two tone feel to very natural waxed veg tanned leathers.


Our Canvas

We use 18  Oz. 100% cotton canvas and Hand wax it with  a blend of 100% natural Beeswax and Linseed Oil in our workshop. 

This whole waxing process on thick canvas makes it water repellent, gives a distressed two tone effect and drastically increase the durability and life of the canvas.
The process also make the canvas age like leather. The canvas starts to shine with usage and also develops natural scratches and patina just like leather. 
It's just the right material for the people who love rustic goods, goods which age well and stay for a long time.


Our Hardware

We only use 100% solid Brass Hardware and hand set copper rivets in all our goods.

All the buckles, D-rings, Square Rings, dog hooks and other metal fittings are custom forged for us in a local foundry. 
Pure solid brass is melted from billets and sand casted into the moulds. After that they are rotated in a barrel with sand to get roughness off and to get natural shiny brass finish.
All work is done mostly by hands and the process of making such hardware has not change since almost last 150 years. 
Such beautiful blend of craftsmanship and best quality raw materials result in quality product which stays on leather goods for many many years to come and age beautifully and naturally just like other materials we use in our bags.