Why we do what we do

We wanted that vintage rawness to be there in the products, the durability and the feel of real vintage leather is what we stand for. Our workshop consists of similar tools which are used since hundreds of years and craftsmanship which withstood the test of time since many centuries.


The Concept

We wanted products to be durable and should blend in with the nature.  Our products are for wanderers, the doers and people who love nature and rawness. Who appreciate value of handcrafted goods and have a taste for durable and raw leather goods.

We have created a line of goods as unique as our customers. Products that can travel the world with you, develop its own character and a unique look from the environment and adventures they have experienced with you.

We love rugged, durable, simple yet timeless designs and quality. That’s what we do at Beast Craft. We craft for the Beasts, we craft for you.



Our bags are designed keeping you in mind, whether you are a traveler, professional or a student, our goods will sustain the hustle and bustle no matter if you are trekking on mountains or in a tube to work.

All our bags are constructed to be indestructible with the best quality full grain leather, heavy duty hand waxed canvas and solid brass hardware and all these materials combined together create a long lasting travel companion of unmatched quality.  We are confident our products will withstand day to day grind of your busy life and we are sure these goods will be there with you for a long long time to come.