Artisan AirPod Case (Regular & Pro)(Vintage Brown)

₹ 1,499

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Secure your AirPods in style. These minimal handcrafted artisan AirPod case are crafted for durability.

Attached with a dog hook on the back so you can easily hang it with one of the belt loops on your denims or tie it with your keychain.

Charging cable cut on the bottom so you can easily charge the pods without taking out of the case.


  • 4 0z (1.6 mm) thick genuine hand waxed leather.


It's made out of thick buffalo leather and is designed to tightly hug the pods for protection. You will have to tightly push the pods into the case while holding the case from bottom and mend the shape of the case with your hands to fit the pods perfectly. Do not worry, this process will neither harm the AirPods nor the leather case.

The offering does not include the AirPods, it's only the leather case which we craft and sell.


Please do not opt more than 4 alphabets for this case because of the space limitation.

Emboss can only be done on front flap irrespective of the location choose for the emboss as thats our standard menu.

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Leather is a natural material and our tanning process is also natural which means it brings out the natural grain of the skin , Each animal is different from another, some can have high oil content in skin, some can have a lot of tick and bite marks and some may have lived in open and had a lot of exposure to sun, some must have had great feed from fresh grass and some fed artificial or low quality feed. All these factors contribute to how much colour a skin will soak, how it will respond to waxes and oils in finishing and end result as no two hides are same, some may have a darker texture, some will have bit more visible marks and some will have less oil absorption